About Us

Our vision is to transform the affordable housing process, for good – because we
believe a safe home is the foundation for a more sustainable future.

The Affordable Housing Process Made Easier

AffordableHousing.com was created to pioneer the standard for the affordable housing process. Our new platform is designed to take complexity out of the process and make it easy to offer and secure affordable housing – from every perspective. That’s why we launched and operated GoSection8.com for over 18 years, establishing a national hub and creating trusted relationships with government agencies, landlords, and tenants. AffordableHousing.com is an expansion, the new home for all eligibility-based programs and affordable housing options, including the Section 8 Program.

We believe that those involved with the affordable housing process should take advantage of the conveniences great technology can offer and which we’ve all come to rely on in our daily lives. The AffordableHousing.com platform makes listing properties easy, allows intuitive search options, and tracks data to eliminate friction, save time and delivers better results for agencies, property owners, and families.

A Platform Created for Community

AffordableHousing.com offers an experience that directly addresses the problems and gaps in service for agencies, property owners, and families. It’s the only platform with Section 8 Program eligibility determinations and affordability requirements directly integrated into search. We offer the largest inventory of eligibility-based programs and affordable housing options nationwide, enabling families to find safe and affordable housing anywhere in the country. Property owners are provided the tools they need to quicky occupy a vacant property by utilizing our intelligent algorithm designed to match property owners with a suitable tenant. Our modernized platform empowers government agencies to work together to relieve administrative burden, streamline common practices, and centralize data and resources.

The Need for an Affordable Home Has Never Been Greater

We’ve been working on AffordableHousing.com with our partners for several years. We built a platform designed for the affordable housing industry by consulting with nationally recognized experts in affordable housing programs, subsidized low-income housing, homelessness prevention, and natural disaster responsiveness. AffordableHousing.com is committed to working with stakeholders in fulfilling the common mission to provide adequate and affordable housing to the people they serve.

AffordableHousing.comit’s not about hope, it’s about help!